Rider rankings

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The complete list of all riders that raced in the 2013 NPS and their new categories for 2014 can be found below:

2015 League points scheme

The points are based on the following scheme.
(as agreed at the Offroad AGM 2015)

  • Senior categories – all rounds count, no minimum attendance required for overall trophies
  • Youth categories – 4 of 5 rounds count, no minimum attendance required for overall trophies
  • League points will be awarded in the Senior 4 Men category, however there will be no overall trophy (winner moves up after each round)
  • League points will be awarded in the Senior 3 Women category, however there will be no overall trophy and the winner of each round can either stay in the same category or move up.
Position Points Position Points
1st 30 11th 8
2nd 25 12th 7
3rd 21 13th 6
4th 18 14th 5
5th 16 15th 4
6th 14 16th 3
7th 12 17th 2
8th 11 18th 1
9th 10 19th 1
10th 9 20th 1

* Note: All other finishers will receive 1 point

Grading rules for 2015

  • All top 5 riders in S1, S2 and S3 category (2014) were moved up (based on overall NPS standings)
  • Riders in Senior 4 category (2014) that won at least 1 race were moved up
  • Winner of a Senior 4 race is moved up to Senior 3 race for the following round
  • No mandatory upgrades for Senior Women categories
  • No mandatory downgrading for 2015
  • Newcomers who didn’t race in 2014 can select any category with exception of Senior 1 Men / Women

Several riders have upgraded themselves during previous seasons and thus will continue in the category they upgraded to, or have been identified for upgrade.

Riders are welcome/encouraged to upgrade themselves to a higher category (as high as Senior 2 Men / Women) if they feel that they will have more of a challenge, it also means you will get better value out of your licence and entry fee by racing an additional lap!

All riders have a right to appeal their upgrade, as agreed at the 2013 Offroad AGM.

A rider will need to specifically request to be downgraded by sending an email with the subject “2015 XC NPS category downgrade request” to the XC Co-ordinator

You will need to include your full name, CI Licence number, your 2014 category you competed in, and the 2015 category you are requesting to be downgraded to.
You will also need to include a paragraph justifying why you require downgrade.

Your 2015 racing category will appear on your Cycling Ireland Licence

Any questions/queries please drop an email to: the XC Co-ordinator