20-21/07 XC National Championships 2024

Date: Saturday/Sunday 20/21 July 2024
Event: National Cross-country Championships
Venue: Tonygarrow, Co. Wicklow
Host club: Team WORC

Course location
Address – Private site off L1011 between Glencree and Curtlestown
Co-ordinates – 53.187332, -6.262478
What3words – https://w3w.co/medallion.olives.ventilator
Google Maps – here

Course Description: 

A steep climb across grassy terrain takes you out of the start finish area into a fox glove forest. From the highest point on the course there is a flowing decent with bridge crossing, rock drops and berm rides. Following the decent is a much needed farm road connector that allows for a breath, a drink or an attack. Dropping into the second decent brings on more rocks, wall rides and even more rocks…!!!!

Once through the decent there is a gravel climb into the final forest ascent which is steep and technical. The final decent has more rocks, a light speed bridge crossing and rock ride into the start finish!!

Note: the access is a single lane concrete access road that is used by the land owners. Please use extreme caution entering and leaving and adhere to marshals directions.

Race Timing: Laptop timing for Under 8s up to Seniors


Technical Guide to follow